Sunday, May 14, 2006


SHOW THYSELF: The Greatest Commandment

By Daniel D. Ziegler

Before the beginning there was only Spirit, yet in spite of the fact that Spirit was ALL, it was lonely because it had no way to be in its own presence since it was Nothing, only ALL.

Spirit then told itself, “Show Thyself so I can behold Me.”

In that instance was the physical universe created, for ALL now could be Something--Anything it want to be, Everything.

And so Everything Is.

And thus it is so that “Show Thyself” is the greatest commandment, for in that very expression, ALL becomes Everything and Anything--Everything and Anything we are and Everything and Anything we can experience with our senses and beyond.

Then, because Anything can happen, it happened that some part of Everything became ashamed of itself because it felt it was Nothing--Nothing to speak of, Nothing worth seeing and not as good as Something else. And in that moment of comparison--of Something feeling inferior to Something Else--Something was lost.

And whatever that Something was, we may never know, unless it shows up again.

So, show thyself, and be not ashamed of any part of who you are, for you are Something…and it is your birthright to see and be seen by ALL.

Copyright Daniel D. Ziegler 2006

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